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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 9, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. republican voters in new hampshire had to the polls tomorrow and today the candidates are making a last push for votes. rebecca cooper is live in new hampshire and joins us with a look at the final preparations.
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>> today the mid romney campaign is feeling confident they don't just need a win tomorrow, they need to make an impression. to do that, they have to win over the last minute undecided voters snow is taking anything for granted today. all the candidates are out making a big push. it's an all-out push before the primary with dozens of events for the candidates in the coming hours. this morning, mr. romney met with business leaders in nashua and a button-down breakfast plus a sad little jeddah the president. >> i like being able to fire people. >> former governor jon huntsman and ron paul are in second place. >> no one would have predicted a few short days ago. >> ron paul is gaining ground with good young voters. or johnson is making points with
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his -- jon huntsman is making points as a moderate. newt gingrich is not giving up. he says his persistence will pay off. >> [inaudible] you are starting to slip again. how you will you regain your momentum? >> i am the comeback grandfather. i am too old to be the comeback kid. >> the media is making much of an event -- an incident that happened at the mitt romney breakfast. there was a showdown with a heckler but that is not exactly what happens. a representative from the united autoworkers managed to get up and ask about chrysler saying that he wouldn't taking chrysler out of business and mitt romney said that would have been his plan. he said he would have brought the group bankruptcy and brought them back. that was a big deal with the business crowd wreck santorum was trailing last in new
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hampshire and he moves on to south carolina. he is making a comeback himself today. he is in a race for third with ron paul. there are lots of undecideds so anything can happen in the last 24 hours. thank you. that was funny to hear dick newt gingrich say he was the comeback grandfather. rebecca cooper and gordon peterson are covering every aspect of tomorrow's new hampshire primary. you can follow on air and on line at it was a day of fear that few of us will ever forget, a gunmen taking hostages inside the discovery communications building in silver spring. members of congress today are honoring the off-duty officer who risked his life to save the hostages jummy olabanji is live in rockville. this is the first year that
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congress is giving out these congressional badges of bravery awards to police officers all over the country. we know they put their lives on the line every day but this one police officer in montgomery county is receiving one of about 20 of these awards says he is humble the and honored. >> i am deeply honored to say the least. >> on september 1 2010, the off-duty police officer was faced with a decision -- fight or flight. the gunmen strapped explosives to himself and enter the discovery building in silver spring putting nearly 1000 lives at risk. the officer grabbed his gun and went into action. >> the call went off on the radio. we jumped in our cars and went. >> within minutes he was just feet away from the gunmen and was able to give the swat team the information they needed to
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catch him. it was that a river that is current in the congressional battle bravery. >> in the new there was an explosive device. he knew there were firearms. without any concern about his personal safety, he did what was right to prevent the loss of life. >> thomas fisher was one of three people that was held hostage. he said the officer is truly a hero. >> i believe his actions that day, he is very deserving of this award and i'm proud to say he is being recognized for what he did that day. >> just to prove even more how humble that this officer is, as soon as he got up to the stage this morning, the first thing he did was to thank all the montgomery county police officers ems fire and anyone else was a first responders. he said this was a team effort. >> thank you. a powerful townhouse
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explosion rocked a fairfax county explosion last night in falls church. a man was the time and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. a blast ripped through the entire community and left 11 families displaced. an electrical spark from a refrigerator ignited a dozen aerosol cans which were found inside the home. a fire at the state department is under investigation. fire crews arrived on the scene and they found a small trash fire on the roof of the building. one person was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. a temperature drop is kicking off the new week with clouds and even a chance of rain. adam caskey joins us for the first forecast. it is not just areas of rain but areas of light snow this noon and a few snow flurries. you can see on the radar in
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green in southern maryland like waldorf along the beach is there is a little bit of snow. we do a pretty good job with computers that they're not perfect. the light on the left side of your screen is definitely snow falling, particularly at a higher elevation. watch out for areas of light snow this midday and some sprinkles into the afternoon. it could be a coating out west and the higher elevations but not much moisture moving through town. it will warm up tomorrow and we'll talk about that in the next forecast. a gas tanker crashed caused concerns over a fuel leak in anne arundel county. the accident happened just after 9:00 this morning on southbound rte. 12. police said the tanker collided with another truck. newschopper7 was overhead as
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police got out there and assessed the situation but it is not clear whether the tanker driver or that trucker were injured. one day after the shooting that nearly killed her this powerful moment in arizona for congresswoman gabrielle giffords -- >> one nation, under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [applause] >> she let thousands of mourners in the pledge of allegiance at a vigil remembering the victims of last year's january 8 massacre in tucson. they rang bells honoring the six people who died and the 13 were wounded. there were vigils all across the country marking the anniversary including one at shiloh baptist church in northwest d.c. they called for an end to violence. among the participants was a survivor of the virginia tech shooting.
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the white house is condemning a controversial new book written about first lady michelle obama and white house staff. it is called "the obamas." the book describes confrontations between mrs. obama and top aides rahm emanuel and robert gibbs. it suggests she wrestled with her obligations as first lady. in an interview last month, she dismissed the rumors. >> somebody said there is a perception out there that i feel confined aircraft in some way. that could not be further from the truth. >> the author says the book is based on interviews with current and former aides and the first lady declined to be interviewed for the book. it hits store shelves tomorrow. >> coming up -- the heart stopping moment when a
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bungee cord snapped and a woman drops to a crocodile-infested water. a pain killer was mixed up and we are on your side with a recall of pills that might be in your medicine cabinet. a package exploded in a car and now people are zeroing in on an ex-husband. all that and we're back with weather.
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take a look at best -- -- look at this. the 22-year-old woman took a leap from one of the most spectacular spots and earth africa's victoria falls but she never expected what happens
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next. brianne carter has the story. >> it was supposed to be a new adrenaline rush to start the new year. but for the 22-year-old, the unthinkable happens. during the 365-foot drop from africa's victoria falls bridge on new year's day, the bungee cords snapped. >> i felt like i had been slapped them out of the hospital and still battered, she described how she believes she survived this thrill turned nightmare. >> i protected my head when i hit the water. >> with their feet tied and broke trailing behind, the australian resident tried to free herself while swimming in crocodile-infested water. >> i got completely sucked under. [inaudible] >> all of this was caught on camera by her friend.
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she says so much was going through her mind as she watched her friend struggle to the water. >> she -- we expected a come right back out and she never did. >> langworthy is calling this a miracle. would she bungee jump again? >> not any time soon. >> 50,000 people have jumped from that bridge every year over the past decade. this is the first time the court has snapped. >> the first and the last time thank you. in iran, a former marine has been sentenced to death. the iranian court sentenced him by accusing him of working as a spy to the cia. the 28-year-old was in iran to visit his grandmother when he
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was arrested he was born in arizona and served in the marines for four years until 2005. he has 20 days to appeal the death sentence under iranian law. the accusations against him are false, he says. a husband is a person of interest in a bombing that seriously injured a colorado woman and her current husband. the couple are in the hospital after suffering from burns from the attack. the bomb was left in the driveway and a paperback. investigators believe the couple picked up the bag put it in their car, and moments later the package exploded. >> he saw allyson running down the streets tearing her clothes off. >> you'd never expect someone like that to do something like this. >> they are both expected to survive and michael britain has been taken into custody for questioning. no artist is recalling
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several over-the-counter drugs including eccentric, no-dox, gasx and bufferin because they may have been mixed with a common over-the-counter drug. no illnesses have been reported but the company urged people to either destroy or return unused products. you can find more details on our website, taking a look at our weather -- we are preparing for the possibility of some less than exciting temperatures. we will climb up a little bit this week and dropped again. it looks like friday and weekend will be colder. this is one of the challenging times in the weather center because it is a bit of a guessing game. you need to dig into the details to figure out what is going on.
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it is mainly snow even though some of the automated reporting stations are reporting rain. the eyes on the ground are much more important. let's take a look at the doppler radar. this is of shenandoah national park and you see a little bit of snow on the trail in the center of the screen. a little dusting of snow they picked up today. the green uc on the radar screen tells us that is rain but that is mainly snow. nothing is accumulated it has been too warm, but nonetheless it is beautiful or what i would call a glorified or rain.
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the reston/herndon area is seeing some action you to see a little bit of snow to the west and some of that will change over to some sprinkles as we go through the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. we are not anticipating accumulation. 40 degrees in washington and culpeper 37 degrees. a little cool out there but temperatures are not for of average. the average high as 43 degrees. this is the wider view with a warm front down to our south and that will give us a kick in the atmosphere with some moisture. i want to focus down to our south. texas has a low pressure system and that will make a beeline for us and will give us a -- about an inch of rain late wednesday night into thursday. low 40's this afternoon 31
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tomorrow morning and sunday. a beautiful day tomorrow, 50's and still warm despite the rain wednesday and thursday but by friday the highs are back down in the 30's and maybe some morning snowflakes. >> tomorrow looks good. gas prices are climbing again very the national average is up to $3.37 per gallon. prices in our area are rising even higher. drivers are already feeling the pinch. >> when gas prices spiked, some residents push the envelope. >> i felt maybe once a week of maybe 55 or $60. it makes a difference. >> today she was forced to take it unplanned stroll with her small red gaskin. >> i ran out i wanted to wait until tuesday to fill up.
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>> when prices go up, more people run out of gas. gas prices in the u.s. increased 12 cents in the last two weeks. >> my commute is 60 or 70 miles per day. it cost me a lot more to travel to work and the average black -- the average price of a gallon of gas is $3.36. businesses have to fill up dump trucks like this. >> 150 miles per day. >> virginia wants to plug the budget short ffall. he wants to raise the gas tax. >> instead of raising prices, they should work on lowering the prices. >> it crude oil prices stay steady prices will keep climbing. lines will keep growing.
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the jump could be anything from higher taxes on ethanol to pipeline to raise in iraq. whatever the case, experts say in spring, we could see record numbers. >> thank you. coming up -- >> in a way that honors him -- >> defending his father's reputation, the son of joe paterno speaks out in the scandal and his dad's battle against cancer and later -- >> the next anderson, first dates bought and sold to the highest bidder today at 4:00.
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♪ the son of the former penn state football coach joe paterno is speaking out about his father and the college sex abuse scandal. jay paterno says he wants country to know his father's side of the story. he was fired after allegations came out against his assistant. his father's firing, he says, was unfair. >> there is nobody anywhere at penn state that would not wish that these allegations were not true. they could not have seen something and done something to stop any of this. >> the 85-year-old paternal is now fighting for his life and reputation. he was diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer and doctors expect him to make a full recovery. still >> ipad -- we come back
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it will warm up further in the week but in the middle part of the week, it will be a little wet. there could be up to 1 inch of rain and it will be much cooler friday and through the weekend. >> thanks so much for
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